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Scaling or professional dental cleaning?

Why is ‘scaling’ or ‘professional cleaning’ necessary?
The procedure is necessary to remove the plaque and tartar (grey, yellow, brown hard deposits on the teeth near the gums) which are one of the major reasons that cause gum disease.
Professional cleaning or scaling helps remove these and reverses gum disease or prevents the progression to periodontal disease.

How often should you get it done?
Mostly recommend a twice a year routine. If you maintain your oral hygiene exceptionally well, some of them recommend that you get it done once a year.

How is it done?
ultrasonic scalers are now being increasingly used.
The tips vibrate at a very fast rate and are cooled down by a water spray.
And it does not cause any harm or wear to ur enamel

Will it be painful? Will there be bleeding?
If there are only superficial tartar deposits, it may not be painful. If there are deep deposits, your dentist will usually use local anaesthesia before the procedure.
There may be slight bleeding as the plaque and tartar usually cause gum inflammation which will subside immediately.

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